Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

The importance of Digital Marketing can be felt every single day with the rising numbers of online users. Due to this reason, the need for digital marketing courses has increased manifold in our tech-savvy society. Therefore, digital gyan brings to you a brand-new Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad whose motive is to equip its candidates with employable skills that enable them to be hired by well-known organizations.

digital marketing course in hyderabad

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About Our Digital Marketing Course In Hyderabad

Our course is neatly categorized into thirty modules spread over of sixty hours. Thus, each session runs for 60 minutes or 90 minutes (depending on the syllabus) from Monday to Friday. We expose you to trending digital marketing strategies and paid tools, allowing you to experiment on your own along the way. Of course, you will receive expert guidance under our professional instructor when it comes to handling real-time projects.

At digital gyan, we prepare you for a successful future. A certified Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad from a well-reputed training institute will make you eligible for well-paid employment. We focus on assisting you to clear your Google Fundamentals Certification Examination. Towards the end of the course, we guide you in resume preparation and mock-interviews. We contact several established and start-up companies as part of our 100% placement guarantee. Thus, when it comes to choosing a bright future, we are there by your side.


Why Should You Join Our Digital Marketing Course In Hyderabad

You should join our digital marketing course because –

• In-depth explanation with the help of case studies and analogies

• Job-oriented training

• 100% placement

• Google Certification Guidance

• Daily doubt clarification classes

• Back-up classes for absentees

• Free study materials for all modules

• Free e-books

• Regular assignment

• Real-time project exposure

• Resume preparation

• Sample interview questions

• Mock-interviews

• Course completion certificate

• Free internship for deserving candidates

• Internship certificate

• Experience certificate


Digital Marketing Course In Hyderabad – Description

Our digital marketing course is the perfect place to start your career, with more than 1.5 lakh options in digital India alone. If you wish to join the field of digital marketing, you must join the aforementioned course to be professionally trained and be given 100% assistance during employment. We offer cutting-edge information and training for all the thirty modules in the syllabus and expose you to the best digital marketing practices adopted by the most successful professionals in the industry.

Apart from offering professional training, we guide you in resume preparation and performing well in mock-interviews. Moreover, we recommend you to several established and start-up companies that we have partnered with to assure you employment.

We offer a digital marketing internship programme, which offers you the best training available with 100% placement guarantee in Hyderabad. The students will be encouraged to work with real-time projects for two months, which will prepare the candidate to clear any interview with ease.

What Our Students Say About US

I would strongly recommend all digital marketing aspirants to join digital gyan for their amazing courses! They provide you with solid learning in an austere environment, which promotes focus and concentration in us. Though the fee structure may seem high to some, the classes are value for money in terms of quality and placement assurance. – Sadhya

I have just joined digital gyan for its Digital Marketing course, and I must say that I’m really impressed. They believe in a perfect student-teacher ratio, quality teaching, great internship and placement options and doubt clearing classes – all at a very reasonable rate. Guys, do join their classes and you’ll be benefited. – Uday Kumar

I had been looking for quality digital marketing training institutes since quite some time, and I finally enrolled myself at digital gyan. I was surprised to see the stark contrast between this institute and its competitors, for it’s quite amazing. Whereas other instructors stress on the pay-before-you-get method, our trainers focused more on teaching. At the end of the course, I’ve never been more satisfied. – Hari Krishna

Usually, digital marketing is something that is usually reserved for the younger generation. However, I chose to tread the path despite my age and I have recently been promoted at work! I wish that we had something like this when we were young. – Reethika

Training institutions are usually regarded as boring places focusing on rote learning. Thankfully, digital gyan imbibes a fun and positive environment despite its repute as one of the best training institutes in Hyderabad. You won’t just receive professional training, but receive guidance on resume preparation and mock-interviews as well. – Harika

digital gyan is the perfect place if you’re a college fresher, jobseeker or a business entrepreneur to answer your need to learn digital marketing. Kudos to the instructors and the entire team. Usually, the instructors at a training institute are unavailable to help us outside of study hours. Fortunately, our trainers went outside their official duties to make us comfortable with the topic. They are the biggest factors behind our amazing learning experience. – Praveen

Instead of the conventional monologue in a big hall, the training sessions at digital gyan is more of an interactive session where everyone is allowed to participate. As a result, I have learned a lot about the latest updates in digital marketing in a compact manner. – Sanjay

Hands down, digital gyan provides you with one of the best learning experiences possible in a training institute. They provide you with digital marketing training, internships and even job placements along with guidance in making resumes and preparing for interviews. Therefore, you know that you’re getting the best deal out there. – Sameer

Though I am a working professional for the last ten years, I never really had to focus on digital marketing. Now that I’m working in an ad agency, I needed to have an extensive knowledge on the same. After completing a Digital Marketing course from digital gyan, I’m confident in the subject and have been promoted to a higher post at work. – Himaja

Digital Marketing Course FAQ’S

1. Will I get a job after completing a Digital Marketing course?

Yes, our digital marketing training course is complete with modules that equip you with industry skills. We don’t just provide you with course training but assist you in resume preparation and mock interviews. Thus, you’re able to impress the interviewer with your resume and interview skills with ease.

We guide through your Google Fundamentals Certification Examination. In terms of job placement, we have partnered with various companies for the same. Though we don’t guarantee a job, we do provide you with internships so that you can look for well-paid jobs through your work experience.

2. What is the duration of the course?

This is a 6-day course, with classes running from Monday to Friday. Classes may go on for one hour to one-and-a-half-hours depending on the topic of the day.

3. What is the fee structure? Can I pay in installments? What are the payment options?

The total course fee is Rs. 20,000. However, we offer a summer discount for Rs. 12,500 – which needs to be paid in a single installment.

4. What’s the policy for cancellation and refunds?

You can apply for a course cancellation request within three classes upon the start of the batch, and your payment will be 100% refunded. However, your payment will not be refunded if you choose to cancel after the third class.

5. What if I miss a couple of classes?

If you miss a couple of classes, we will arrange for backup classes for those sessions by the same instructor.

6. Will you provide course material?

Yes, you shall receive a soft copy of the course material on Google Drive.